More to expect soon:

The newest BikePlanet Bike and HOTEL tour is still in design. The trip will start in early September in Lindau at Lake Constance and ends near Berchtesgaden (close to Salzburg) at the Koennigssee. An Ebike tour with a lot of ups and downs! You can follow this by visiting the tour page, but everything is still preliminary; the itinerary is not entirely ready.

The trips on the Danube with the Primadonna will be online soon, most likely in June and September again!

Last, I plan to offer a tour without cycling options for those who like to JOIN A GROUP AND ME outside the bike season to enjoy Norway the best way possible.

It’s a fantastic coastal cruise in Norway, with shore excursions and visits to the North Cape, Husky sledge farm, Ice Hotel and much more. With absolutely amazing a la carte breakfasts, lunches and dinners. If you follow Facebook, you might have seen my solo trip there a few months ago. I am planning to offer this trip in March 2024. Yes, this is a winter trip, but enough daylight and an excellent chance to see the Northern Lights!!
If you are interested, let me know; getting feedback on my ideas is always good!

This cruise can also be booked with me on other dates as individual guests.

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