If you like to travel a bit longer, here are some exciting ideas to make combinations between bike/barge, bike/cruise and bike/hotel tours.

  1. Amsterdam to Heidelberg, 2 weeks and 1 day on the IRIS, starts on May 31st, ends in Heidelberg on June 15thNeeds no further travelling; unpack once and have a great 16-day trip! Only two more cabins are available for the whole trip in 2024.
  2. 5 Countries Rails to Trails: one week of biking and nights in Hotels, one week join the IRIS on the Moselle Bike&Barge from Metz to Cochem, starting June 22nd and ending July 6th. The first week, we will stay at 4 hotels, and after that, we join the IRIS in Metz, a very popular tour!
  3. 4 Countries Rails to Trails: be in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and end in TRIER. Fly to Bergen and join the Norwegian Fjords Bike and Hotel Tour
  4. New Hotel Tour: Lake Constance to the Koenigssee, ends in Salzburg at great hotels and then join the Cruise of the Primadonna Danube Tour Passau to Budapest and back
  5. Bike&Barge IRIS Aschaffenburg to Bamberg and then Lake Constance to Koenigssee and Salzburg, the new Hotel Tour
  6. Munich/Morteratsch to Riva del Garda after you joined the Lake Constance to Koenigssee and Salzburg, the newest Hotel Tour.
  7. Lake Constance to the Koenigssee ends in Salzburg, and travel to Munich for the October Fest

These are suggestions to make combinations; there are many more ideas to spend more time after or before your trip. After our Munich/Morteratsch to Riva del Garda Trip a lot of guests continue visiting Italy and or Switzerland. Some went to Venice, others to Bolzano, Verona, and Florence. Or how about hiking in the Swiss Alps? Also recommended: travel to Zermatt in Switzerland and spend some time there before travelling to Morteratsch with the Glacier Express Train.

Our new hotel tour offers you the option to extend your stay in Salzburg, a beautiful town to visit, and from there you could go and explore Austria. Loads of hike options.

If there is not enough time for a longer trip, then maybe this inspired you to book just one of the weeks we offer! Have fun exploring, and let us know if you have any questions!


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