The Beauty of Bike and Barge

You’ve seen the commercials on television…those sleek, modern vessels plying the rivers of Europe. Oh sure, those ships are nice, but they’re large and impersonal. BikePlanet operates small, intimate barges loaded with history—a different experience altogether. We do not sail at night, we are docked and you can stroll around as long as you like. Our barge is your home and our crew is like family. You have the chance to sail with the captain in the wheelhouse, chat with the chef in the galley, and really get to know the fascinating mates who sail Europe’s rivers. It’s in their blood. It’s a unique lifestyle and we invite you to experience this special world.

  • Unpack Once (think about that!)
  • Great option for non-bikers in your party. Your choice to bike or barge or both!
  • We go places others can’t.
  • Relaxing and enjoyable. Can’t you picture yourself with a glass of wine on the sundeck?!
  • River Life. It’s another world and it’s very cool.
  • Small Barges and a slower pace of life.
  • Intimate: Get to know your fellow passengers and crew. You might be surprised how many nice people you’d enjoy traveling with again.

Our bike and barge tours in 2019:

And some more, also in 2020!