Biking in Europe… What can I expect?

If you’ve never biked in Holland, Germany, Belgium or France before, you’re in for a real treat! Once the bike path bug bites, you’ll have bike tour fever for life.

  • Riding in Northern Europe—home of the first and best paved bike paths in the world.
  • Expect dedicated trails for bikers only.
  • Find the flat ones, most bikepaths are made to make the cycling very easy
  • Safe riding. No cars.
  • From April through October is ideal biking weather. Rain may occur. Be prepared.
  • It’s safe and civilized with things to see and do along the way.
  • Well marked trails and locals who speak English— help and friendliness is all around.
  • Camaraderie and trail magic. You’ll just have to bike it to understand what this means.

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