Searching for the nicest Bike Tours Europe? Check out BikePlanet’s great bike tours for coming season. We take care of everything, so you can enjoy what you came for: biking in Europe. 

Is there one country in particular you’d like to discover? We have tours through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Germany. Check out some of our Bike Tours Europe, you can either check out our highlights, go through all the tours or search on a specific month.

Bike Tours Europe: Highlights 2018

We’ve got a splendid new tour, including Europe’s longest Rails to Trail Bikepath. Visit The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany and have the experience of a lifetime on our 4 countries Rails to Trail Tour. This tour is a 9 day tour. We’ve also got an extended version.

One of the great prides of Holland: Tulips! Come and gaze at the enormous fields full of these colourful beauties, make sure to reserve a spot on the Tulip Pre Tour in May.

After the Tulip Tour, join our Bike and Barge from Amsterdam to Koblenz. A great tour during 8 days, cruising the Rhine and enjoying cycling through beautiful parts of Holland and Germany. Think historical cities, think German beer, think the wind through your hairs on the bicycle.

Germany at it’s best: the 16 Days Tour Berlin – Dresden – Bamberg – Afschaffenberg. One of our pearls when it comes to Bike Tours Europe. Ofcourse we discover the great cultural city Berlin and it’s rich history, we bike along the river the Elbe, we visit UNESCO-branded Bamberg and lot’s more. You can get a very complete picture of the whole tour: check the day to day.

Check out all the Bike Tours Europe.

Bike Tours Europe on Month

Check out our Calendar for 2018 to see which tours are when. The Calendar starts with May 2018 and ends with October 2018. Would you already like to book for 2019? Do leave a message and tell us where you’d like to go and when!

What to expect from BikePlanet

Is you choose for one of our Bike Tours Europe, you choose for a well organised trip. We take care of the bike, the routes, you’ve got a personal local guide who speaks fluent English. Also we’ve selected beautiful cities to visit, the cutest local inns to stay and – most of all – wonderful cycling tours. Stays are included and breakfast too, occasionally dinner. We’ll tell you all about it, once you’ve booked.

To have a very clear image of what your bike tour will be like, check the ‘day to day itinerary’, it is part of every tour description.

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