If you are looking for the best Guided Bike Tours in Europe, it’s a hard quest. But we can tell you one thing: we will amaze you with our friendliness, dedication and enthusiasm. We are BikePlanet. We love travelling, we love Europe… and… we love biking!

We believe guided bike tours are for everyone. It’s a very relaxing way of discovering new cities and villages. Our guides know exactly where to take you, to show you the places you wouldn’t find on your own. They will tell you the stories behind important sights and make history come alive again.

What to expect bike-wise

If you’ve never experienced guided bike tours in Holland, Germany, Belgium or France before, you’re in for a real treat! Here’s why:

  • Riding in Northern Europe—home of the first and best paved bike paths in the world.
  • Expect dedicated trails for bikers only.
  • Find the flat ones, most bikepaths are made to make the cycling very easy.
  • Safe riding. No cars.
  • From April through October is ideal biking weather. Rain may occur. Be prepared.
  • It’s safe and civilized with things to see and do along the way.
  • Well marked trails and locals who speak English— help and friendliness is all around.
  • Camaraderie and trail magic. You’ll just have to bike it to understand what this means.

Destinations of our guided bike tours

What can we say, we love all of our travels. If you tell us your wishes and preferences, we’d love to give you advice on which tour to pick.

If you feel like visiting some wonderful cities with our guided bike tours, check out the itineraries of our Tulips and Cheese or our Germany-Tour:

Are you feeling like enjoying some more quiet rides, through meadows and along the river, check out our Rails-to-Trail Tours:

BikePlanet’s services

We are a tour operator, so you can expect us to take good care of you. We have a great trip all worked out, including transportation and lovely inns. Breakfast is also part of the package. For more information about what you can expect us to arrange, see our services.

Any questions concerning our guided bike tours? Please know we’d love to help you. Contact us!