A one time experience with your kids

Join us on a trip that we specially designed for all generations, to enjoy to the max!

Cycling with kids

On our tours, we can always provide you with all the gear you need. Bike seats that are big and comfortable enough to fall asleep in, and helmets that fit the littlest of heads!

Age-specific activities

A meeting with Snow White or a big waterslide at a swimming pool…. we bring a van along to get your children to the coolest places. Or to the local hot spots for your young adults.

Get the VIP treatment

On our 2024 Tours on the IRIS, we will discuss with you on a daily basis what you would like to do. We have comfortable transport and an extra staff member to accommodate your needs and make it everybody’s favourite day, every day!

Family trip on the IRIS
This 8-day trip starts in Aschaffenburg or Bamberg and follows the Main River. The cycle path is easy and awarded with 5 stars.
Tours start on Saturday 10th of August and Saturday 17th of August.This region offers you the desired bike paths and the whole vibe of going back in time, looking at castles and fortresses, and the beautiful squares and timber-framed houses. And all that at a pleasant pace along with options for staying on board or joining the daily excursion to ….. You tell us!Would you like to read the general tour description? Click here to go to Aschaffenburg to Bamberg, click here to go to Bamberg to Aschaffenburg

Our cosy lounge area, relaxation guaranteed!
Flexible cabins, double or twin bed options.
Enjoy Breakfast and Dinner while watching life on the water.
All our cabins are fully ensuite.
Just drop us an email to start the conversation!
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