Our cycling tours are excellent for those who travel alone. Because we offer guides and you are accompanied by a group of people it’s a very relaxing, interesting and safe way to travel.

Unfortunately there is a bit of a downside too: the costs. Hotels charge extra, and the barges have an even bigger problem because there simply are no single cabins (most of the time). So the extra charge for singles is real.

Possible: sharing your room with another single traveler

The best way to avoid this is to search for another single to share a room with. We are very happy to do that. We will accept single-reservations requesting roommates and will keep you posted. We will actively search for roommates. And if we do not succeed we will give you the option to pay extra or accept your annulation.

I do not know why, but so far around 25% of our booking requests come from single travelers. So chances are high we might find you a nice roommate on one of our great Bike Tours!

You want to give it a try? Let us know, we will start looking right away.

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