Reflecting on our bike planet Berlin/Dresden/Bamberg Bike Tour

A day-to-day journal from one of our guests. Having already spent 3 days getting around Berlin our group of 7, Angela was excited to join the BikePlanet Tour and to spend some more time in and around Berlin and Germany with a local ‘expert guide’.

We started our Tour with a scrumptious group dinner which gave us the opportunity to meet Lenny our wonderful Tour Manager, Jeroen our Bike Tour Leader (Mr ‘Local/Historical Knowledge’) and Harm who was our congenial Tour back up van driver/bike mechanic, as well as our four other bike Tour companions.

From the beginning we had good vibes about the bike adventure we were about to begin – everyone was friendly and all appeared to be up for the challenge of whatever the next 8 days would bring. Lenny and her Team came across as approachable, client focussed, friendly and thoroughly professional. To say they lived up to our expectations is an understatement – by the end of the tour we all agreed that they were also generous with their time and knowledge as well as the extra coffees, cakes and beers, and were very much a part of the group.

To say they lived up to our expectations is an understatement.

preparing for bike holiday

Day 1 – Our first day of riding – Potsdam and surrounds – 40kms

After a short train trip to the start of our ride, we adjusted our bikes, picked up our daily ‘snacks’ for the day and we were on our way to explore the area in and around Potsdam. On this day the terrain was varied, mainly good bike paths, some minor traffic roads and we rode beside the river for the most part and even crossed the river by punt. The riding pace was good for group – most times allowing us to chat and get to each other as we cycled along.
The weather was good to us – while we always had our wet weather gear with us (and sometimes ‘on’ us- because there were some light showers) we seemed to dodge the rain for most of the tour – (Lenny obviously has great contacts!).
Morning coffee was beside the riverbank around Wansee. After Kaffee, a few bike adjustments and photos, we were on the bike again heading towards our next stop which was the Wannsee Villa. In addition to a visit to the Wannsee Villa our day included visits to Cecilienhof (where we had a yummy German style ‘pub’ lunch which included a beer or two of course) and our final stop was Sanssouci.

Bike group holiday in europe germany

Day 2 – Out and about in Berlin and surrounds – 22kms

What an interesting and informative day this was. A combination of riding, local history, some disturbing memories and new building work going on everywhere.
We circled and weaved through the city, stopped at a lot of the key tourist points where Jeroen did a great job of telling us a lot of Berlin’s very interesting and compelling history. Jeroen’s knowledge on Berlin’s history was first class and he happily answered our endless questions. NB With time restrictions as we had so much to see – our group would recommend that anyone coming to join this tour – arrive a day or so early as our group did and spend more time at some of the key points eg book a visit to the Reichstag; spend an hour or two at the Topography of Terror.

Jeroen did a great job of telling us a lot of Berlin’s very interesting and compelling history.

Day 3 – Liebensberg and Sachsenhausen – 58kms in the countryside

What a lovely day out riding along the river, through the forests and through some lovely rural areas – and yes while riding in the forest there was a little mud at times which proved to be tricky – but that added to the fun of the day – trying to stay upright!
A lovely lunch and afterwards a very sobering visit to the Sachsenhausen former concentration ‘work’ camp before we headed back to Berlin.

Day 4 – Berlin -Optional bike tour or free morning in Berlin heading to Dresden

Day 4 was a choice of what we wanted to do – options were a half day bike tour around East Berlin and surrounds (35kms) or a free day to explore more of Berlin on foot or by public transport.
Half the group opted for the bike tour around East Berlin and the other half opted to do their ‘own thing’, all of us meeting up at the main station ready for our train ride to Dresden after lunch.
Feedback from both groups was good and it great to have the choice of what to do. Dinner in Dresden was great (as usual) and the walk around town after dinner gave us the opportunity to walk off some of the ‘Kuchen’ and of course beers that had been consumed.

Day 5 – Dresden to Konigstein – 55 kms

After parking our bikes in the centre of town we started the morning (in the drizzle) on a guided walking tour around Dresden with a local guide. It is hard to believe that the city was razed to the ground. New buildings look like the original buildings and there is a lot of new building work still going on. After our city walking tour we headed off in the drizzle towards the hill top fortress of King’s Rock with a stop for Kaffee und Kuchen along the way (of course…).

The ride along the riverbank was lovely, great bike paths and lovely scenery. The ride was fairly flat EXCEPT for one ‘extra’ steep little hill climb when Jeroen was making sure we took every picture opportunity! Our return journey back to Dresden was by paddle steamer up the river which was very pleasant.

Day 6 Dresden to Marktleugast – 30km to Meissen and then a bus trip to Marktleugast

This morning we started off with a scenic 30km ride along the river to Meissen where we visited the Meissen Porcelain Factory.
After our tour of the Factory we had time for a coffee before hopping on to a bus to take us the next leg of the journey to Moedlareuth.
We were so lucky to be on that bus – it poured down rain for most the trip!
The Cold War Open Air Museum at Moedlareuth was amazing- until that visit most of us had not even heard of it and were amazed and grateful for the stop. There was a variety of original cars and machinery, information boards and outside a watch tower and original observation bunker among other things.
After this stopover we drove on to the quaint Landgasthof for the night in Marktleugast.

Day 7 Marktleugast to Lichtenfels – 43kms then a train into Bamberg

Our morning started with some trepidation it had poured rain the day and night before and the first part of our journey was through the forest. Jeroen had done an inspection (in a 4-wheel drive!!) and told us to expect some mud! We had the option of travelling by van for the first 15kms or to take up the challenge!
Most of took up the challenge – what’s a little mud after all and a few little hills! Just to add to the adventure we started off with grey skies and rain was forecast. We all elected to finish the ride at Lichtenfels where we packed our bikes onto the trailer for the last time and got the train into Bamberg.

On arrival in Bamberg (by train) we had the opportunity for a ‘tourist’ walk through town to our hotel led by Lenny and Jeroen where once settled in, we had a great final group dinner before heading out for a night walk around town.

Day 8 Bamberg on foot…

We caught up with everyone on Saturday morning to take our guided city highlights tour on foot and to say goodbye to Lenny and the Team. Our local tour Guide was informative and a great way to see Bamberg (bike riding on cobblestones is not so great!)
We had a free afternoon and evening and lucky the Saturday markets were on so we were able to mix with the locals and had a lovely relaxing time at the end of the tour.

Final words

Our week or so with Lenny and her team was a GREAT experience. It was a combination of bike riding, history, food and drink and of course lots of laughs.
I would certainly recommend this tour for anyone wanting to have a comfortable ride through the German countryside generally on good bike paths. We rode through the forest, along the river, through farm fields and through a few muddy patches and we rode up one or two hills more than we needed – Jeroen making sure we rode off some of our excess food!
Lenny had spoken to the weather gods for us and we were lucky to get away with a few showers. All in all, Lenny and her team were generous, fun and professional.

Our week or so with Lenny and her team was a GREAT experience. It was a combination of bike riding, history, food and drink and of course lots of laughs.

Regards Angela, Paul, Sally, Steve, Hans, Fraser and John

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