A few weeks ago we finished our last tour, with a relatively small group of guests. A week prior to the departure date I got a message from Jossie at www.eurosailtravel.com that we would maybe have an extra pair of guests, Janine and Mike.

A double surprise. Really last minute AND they had been on exactly this same tour/same ship already, two years ago. It was a great pleasure to welcome them again, as it is always a pleasure to see guests coming back to the barges! Janette wrote some blog posts about the tours she has been doing the last years on several of Eurosail’s barges. Here is a quote from the last one about the IRIS.

“As long as we were on bicycles, it didn’t matter that it was a repeat.  Our guide Walter did such a good job, and he took us to sites, monuments, mountains, and tours that we had not done before.  Two years ago he was a new guide, but he has matured into his position and did an outstanding job.”

Yes, that’s my son Wouter she’s talking about!

Have a look at her great pictures and stories about the tour here



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