UPDATE 7: May 16th 2018

  • Discounts on Bike&Barge or Bike&Hotel tours in 2018 now 10% or 15% , see below
  • EXTRA: 10% credit to be used in 2019 or 2020 if you book a 2018 tour now AND/OR just bring friends to the tour
  • Keep on bringing friends, keep on adding 10% discount!

OUR RULES for getting the 10% credit on future tours:

  • Promote our tours in 2018 still open for bookings, IF THEY ARE NEW GUESTS FOR US, you will get a 10% credit for a future tour.
  • You can keep on repeating this and get again a 10% discount on a future tour.
  • Bring two friends, get 10% for a couple. Bring four friends, get 20% of for a couple. UP TO 100% of your tour costs!
  • Discounts can be used in 2019 or 2020 on all tours on the IRIS and BikePlanet
  • Even applicable on early bird bookings or discounted tours in 2019 and 2020!

What if you are already booked with us or you are not booking with us this year?

You can still bring friends to our discounted tours and get the 10% discount!

Please forward the newsletter with our lastminutes to all your friends, and add you personal message to it.

If they book, we will let you know, for we always ask how people found the tour!

Why now?: because we don’t like to sail with empty cabin(s), even if it’s just one or two! We have still some openings due to cancellations!

2018: We can still offer:

Our 2018 remaining or cancelled seats on published tours are listed below. On these tours you now receive a 15% discount on the Hotel tour or a 10% discount on combinational tours or bike&barge tour:

May 25th         16 days         Bike and Hotel/Barge Tour Berlin-Dresden-Bamberg – Barge to Aschaffenburg GUARANTEED DEPARTURE, 10% discount

May 25th           9 days         Bike and Hotel Tour Berlin-Dresden-Bamberg* GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 15% discount

June 2th           8 days          Bike and Barge Tour Bamberg – Aschaffenburg GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 3 Cabins left

June 2th          16  days        Bike and Barge/Hotel Tour Romantic Roads all the Way* GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 10% discount

June 9th            9  days        Bike and Hotel Romantic Road to the Alps*  GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 15% discount

August 31th      9  days        Bike and Hotel Tour: Berlin-Dresden-Bamberg* GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 15% discount, last two rooms

August 31th    16 days          Bike and Hotel/Barge Tour: Berlin-Dresden-Bamberg – Barge to Aschaffenburg* GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 10% discount, last two cabins

September 1th    16 days     Bike and Barge/Hotel Tour: Romantic Roads all the way GUARANTEED DEPARTURE 10% discount

September 1th     8 days     Bike and Barge Tour Aschaffenburg-Bamberg still 4 cabins available!~

September 8th    9  days     Bike and Hotel Romantic Road to the Alps*  GUARANTEED DEPARTURE NOW 15% discount