One of the few downsides of my job is to have to disappoint. Consider it a luxury problem, but I don’t like to type: “all cabins are taken already”. As the IRIS is just one ship and cabins sell very fast year after year, I decided to forward requests to other ships and their representatives like Eurosail.

Now I am taking it one step further: by promoting bike and barge tours that I like and consider very appealing to guests that are looking for an experience like joining the IRIS! For those who keep on looking for this unbeatable combination of sailing and biking.

Now I am taking it one step further.

One of the many upsides of my job: I now have another reason to go on a tour! In October I flew into Venice, joining the tour that I love to offer to you. It was such a great pleasure to experience this tour as a guest!

And so I went and will go to regions where the IRIS will never go…like to Paris or to Venice! I hope you will like this change and maybe get inspired to take a trip there. Just let me know, I am happy to book these tours for you (or forward them to Eurosail in case of the Fleur!)

On the website now: Lenny’s choise Bella Italia and Lenny’s choice La Douce France

Keep on (sailing and) biking!


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