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There will always be reasons to not do what you actually dream of doing. We don’t need to help you with those. Let us help you with the reasons to live a dream and give you 5 great reasons to travel Europe.

But first, imagine yourself packing your bags. You are going to Europe and you’re excited. Your neighbor asks you: ‘Are you sure? Why are you going now?’

Here’s why:

1. Europe has never been more affordable. A weaker Euro means your dollars go further. Yes, you can afford it! Now’s the time to seize the moment.

2. Lowest Airfares in Years from the U.S. and Canada. Take advantage of prices starting at $500 on some carriers from major cities. These are 1980s prices.

3. Fewer Crowds. Europeans want your business. Due to recent negative press, travel to Europe is sluggish. Prices are competitive and negotiable.

4. Despite the news media, Europe is still clean and safe. BikePlanet tours operate in the countryside, away from congested areas. If it wasn’t safe for us, we wouldn’t invite you to join. We are vigilant about your safety and well-being, just as we are about our own.

5. Live in Joy, Not in Fear! Sadly, Paris and Brussels are a reality, but these things can happen anywhere. There are still millions of people living, working and vacationing in Europe. Don’t believe everything you see on television or read in the newspapers. Life goes on and so should yours.

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Feel like traveling Europe?

Check out our different trips for 2017 and pick the one that tickles your fancy!

We have a spectacular 12 day journey through England and Holland, discovering the best of both worlds. Perhaps biking in Germany sounds exciting in our characteristic cities in Germany – including Berlin.

If you can’t wait until 2017, there is a beautiful EUROSAIL trip on the IRIS coming up this October. Travel through France, Luxembourg and Germany. But, don’t delay. This tour sells out fast!

Can’t decide? Send us an email, we’d love to help you choose.

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