E bike tour!

  • Moderate biking
  • ~36 mi/day
  • max. 18
  • 275 mi

NEW in 2024! Now that E-bikes give us endless options for cycling, we have chosen a new route that will be great if you know how to use the advantages of the E-bike. We must warn you, though, that this tour still needs some muscle power. A prerequisite is enough experience with an E-bike on other bike tours or day trips. And some preparation to cycle many miles in a day.

Lindau is a well-known little jewel of a town at the borders of the big lake called “Bodensee” in German. Many tourists enjoy the boat tours, stroll through the villages and cycle on the cycle paths along the lake. It is a touristic region, from the start of tourism on.

Lake Constance (the Bodensee)  is a big lake, once formed as a tongue lake during the ice age by the Rhine Glacier. It is the 3rd biggest Lake in Western and Central Europe, right after Lake Balaton and Lake Geneva. The region is prevalent among tourists, and 70 Million tourists annually visit it. It is a great place to start our trip, which will take us away from the big crowds into the lower Alps, at the feet of the German and Austrian Alps. The trip will have its ups and downs, and that is literally! So, unless you are an avid (mountain)biker, we strongly advise you to use one of our Flyer E-bikes, a Swiss Brand known for its excellent E-bikes. The daily distance will be a bit higher than usual because we expect the E-bikes to make it possible to do this longer itinerary. 

We will enjoy the Alps as a backdrop of the meadows and lakes. The region oozes charm; cowbells tinkle, meadows will bloom, quant little villages and farmhouses, lovely views, lakes, old village centres…and almost no traffic, no highways, nothing.  Just us, on nice cycle paths and quiet country roads. Excellent stops, with cake or pretzels and nice local beers on arrival. This is Bavaria at its best. Terraces are everywhere; the villages are lively. Life is good here. And so we cycle around 425 km/almost 265 ml, from West to East. Our final goal is to see Lake Koenigssee, and you end your trip with a drop-off in Salzburg, where you book your hotel as short or long as you like.

It is possible to arrive earlier and book extra nights at the first hotel in Lindau (on request!). We also have some suggestions for hotels in Salzburg.

This trip can be combined with a bike&barge trip on the IRIS (departure 24th of August Aschaffenburg to Bamberg) 

OR: after this trip, you could join the Bike&Cruise Trip on the Primadonna from Passau to Budapest and back to Passau, which starts on the 13th of September

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Day-to-day program

  1. Arrival in Lindau

    Lindau is a great place to start a cycling vacation. We advise you to book a few extra nights; we… Read more
  2. Hergensweiler to Immenstadt 56 km/34 miles

    The cycling starts at a quiet location outside of Lindau, where we can do the bike fitting and start on… Read more
  3. Immenstadt to Hopfen am See, 57 km/35 ml

    Some of the towns here had their glory days with the trade and transportation of salt around the 16th century.… Read more
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Departures & pricing

GSep 1st 2024 €2955
G = Guaranteed departure

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  1. Arrival in Lindau

    Lindau is a great place to start a cycling vacation. We advise you to book a few extra nights; we have some on hold. You can hire a bike locally and cycle along the lake if you like and/or use a ferry to go to the Swiss side of the lake!

    Lindau has a long history, starting as a Roman settlement; the oldest remains date from the 2nd Century. It had periods of great importance; in the later years, it became a regional town with a flourishing textile industry and, by the time people started to travel, a major tourist attraction with its central position at the lake with its beautiful harbour, guarded by an impressive statue of a lion.

    We will not stay here for more than one night on the tour. Tomorrow the cycling starts! But check out the excellent hotel we booked! If you want to arrive earlier, let us know a.s.a.p. Hotels are described under “Accommodations”

  2. Hergensweiler to Immenstadt 56 km/34 miles

    The cycling starts at a quiet location outside of Lindau, where we can do the bike fitting and start on our ride that will take us to the Grosser Alpsee (Big Alps Lake) and the lovely little town of Immenstadt.

    After many little hamlets and villages, ups and downs, but mainly ups,  and lunch somewhere on the way, we will get to Oberstaufen for an afternoon break. After that, our goal for the day is not far anymore. Our ride is a breeze for the last km, going slightly down or straight, as we are cycling along the Grosser Alpsee. If the weather is good, we might see many people bathing in the lake,  Do bring your swimwear anyway, there will be options to swim or use the spa at some hotels on this tour!


  3. Immenstadt to Hopfen am See, 57 km/35 ml

    Some of the towns here had their glory days with the trade and transportation of salt around the 16th century. Not only salt but later on, also cheese became a significant product for the region.

    The first Emmentaler, not produced in Switzerland, came from Blaichach, in 1827. It was the start to become the most loved German region for its cheeses.

    And how about beer? Rettenberg is the most southern brewery village in Germany. Since 1447! Maybe we can arrange a visit here. A sip might be nice, but it is still morning when we arrive!

    The Rothachsee (Lake Rothach) and the Gruentensee are on our path before we enter Nesselwang, also a winter-sport village with a nice cable car that could take us up to have a great view.  it is about 15k to our final goal for the day, our hotel in Hopferau. The ups are a bit more often now.

    This hotel is very special! Check out the description at “Accommodations”.




  4. Hopfen am See to Wieskirche 44 km/27 ml, option cycle to Oberammergau +20km/13ml

    Visit to Neuschwanstein first? Who can resist this tourist highlight? People from all over the world come and visit! We will reserve tickets for a visit, and queue up at the bus to get to the Disney Castle, a late and over-the-top remembrance of the megalomanic King Ludwig, built in the late 19th century.

    Today’s ride is beautiful; it takes us to the Wieskirche, a Baroque Chapel with nice cafes and huge terraces.

    At Wieskirche, you can call it a day and get on our bus. Or you can continue for another 20 km/13 miles to the beautiful old hotel in the heart of Oberammergau, a nice ride through the hills. Oberammergau is the home town of the Passion Play, performed every ten years. Not in 2024, but still a very beautiful village and great to visit.


  5. Oberammergau- Bad Kohlgrub-Schlehdorf am Kochelsee 47 km/30 ml

    If there is an Oberammergau, there is also a Unterammergau, so we cycle through it and find our way to Bad Kohlgrub—the highest village with a moor. The town is declared an official Kurort, “Bad” refers to the baths where guests could sit. Here, it is not filled with thermal water but with the mud from the moor to experience its healing effects. Nowadays, it is a little village with some ski lifts and guests that come to hike in the summer. We will get close to the moors, continuing our ride, and at the end of the day, we stop at a world-famous stallion stable, where they have been breeding traditional horses like Haflinger horses.

    There is an option to join a guided visit for those interested. After this visit, the ride to the hotel is just a few km.


  6. Schlehdorf - Benediktbeuern- Bad Toelz - Tegernsee 51 km/32 ml

    Our first stop will be at the Abby of Benediktbeuern. The village was named after the Benedictine Order. The first Abby was founded in 739-740!

    Nowadays it is the Order of the Salesians, an order founded in the late 19th century by an Italian Priest Don Bosco. This order still lives and works here.

    There is also a restaurant in the old brewery, where we will enjoy our coffee today.

    Next is Bad Heilbrunn, you probably know by now that this might be another Kurort, a place to heal. And indeed, this time it is the iodinated water that was popular with the Kelts already. There is a nice Herbal Park, and a lunch stop could be made here, or in the next enchanting town of Bad Toelz.

    We deviate from the bike paths here, to find our way through the beautiful countryside, going up a bit and then down to the Tegernsee. One of the most visited lakes in Bavaria. We managed to book a hotel at the shore of the lake, and are looking forward to a wonderful evening there!

  7. Tegernsee - Neubeuern 65 km/40 ml

    We follow the bike path back to Gmund and continue to the Schliersee, a lake, and through the countryside with one nice view after the other.  to the beautiful little village of Neubeuern. We are crossing the Inn here. This river, a contributor to the Danube, once was known for building ships. It is portrayed in the city’s Wappen.   It is one of the most enchanting historic villages we have ever seen. So we have to stay here for a night at one of the oldest guesthouses, founded in 1579!

  8. Neubeuern - Teisendorf 72 km/ 45 ml

    On our last full day ride, countryside and forests take us to bigger towns now. We’ll have a stop at Traunstein,  before continuing to Holzhausen were our last hotel will await us. With spa facilities to relax and enjoy our farewell dinner. With good weather, the view from the terrasse is just amazing.

  9. Teisendorf - 20 km/13 ml to Bad Reichenhall, end of tour in Salzburg

    On this last day, we will use our bikes and our bus. We will cycle to Bad Reichenhall, which is only 20 km/13 ml. From there you will have the option to cycle to the Koenigssee, or we all go with the bus and drive there. We will a late lunch (included) at the Koenigssee or close to it, and from there the bus will take us to Salzburg. We will drop you off. We cannot access the inner city with our big bus, so probably you will need a cab or use public transport to get to the hotel you have booked for the night(s) ahead.

    So be aware: the tour ends this day, the night is not included, the tourleaders will leave after the drop off in Salzburg.


  • Hotel in LIndau

    Our first hotel will be memorable for sure. We have booked the best rooms in this hotel, all with free access to the spa facilities divided in an area where you can wear bathing clothes and a part without textiles! The last one has a beautiful lounge and outside terrasse overlooking the harbour. Of course, you can wear a bathrobe there. The indoor swimming pool and Turkish bath are there for you if you want to swim/relax in your bathing suit.

    The hotel will serve us a welcoming dinner of your own choice. The hotel is at a beautiful AAA location at the harbour on the island of Lindau.

    The hotel rooms are not all the same. This happens a lot on this trip, because the hotels are not very big. We will try to appoint the rooms as well as possible. Sometimes you will get the best one, other times others.

    If available, you can also ask to book additional nights at this first hotel; we will happily arrange that. The price will be around 400 euros for a double room for one night, including breakfast.

  • hotel in Immenstadt

    Our choice for the night is a nice hotel at Immenstadt, where you can find nice places to eat on your own. The hotel itself has a restaurant as well. It also offers a spa area with a sauna, etc. Here it is unfortunately not allowed to wear swimsuits.

    There are welcoming outside terrasses for a Bavarian beer or two.

  • hotel at the Hopfensee

    This hotel has great spa facilities as well, as a great view over the Hopfensee. This infinity pool is just beautiful. The rooms all have a view over the lake. Nothing less is good enough for us!


  • Oberammergau

    Oberammergau is a beautiful place and we selected a hotel right in the middle, a beauty by itself. No fancy spa today; this is the traditional Bayern hotel that you will like, and the options for dinner are wonderful. Typical local dishes but also the too famous Schnitzel are available.

  • Schlehdorf am Kochelsee

    At the shore of the Kochelsee we will sleep in what used to be the Brewery run by an Abby. It is a nice hotel with a great restaurant and Biergarten to sit outside.

  • Tegernsee

    This famous lake is a highly sought-after spot to stay for multiple nights. We are glad we could get a booking here for one night. The hotel has been updated in a contemporary but still cosy style. Right across the street, we can see the Tegernsee, where ships can dock. We will have an included dinner here.

  • Neubeuern

    This might be the oldest guesthouse/hotel we are staying at, in the beautiful village of Neubeuern. It oozes charm and tranquillity. Let’s go back in time

  • Teisendorf

    Last but certainly not least, we found an exceptional, enchanting hotel for our last night on the cycle trip. It has an excellent wellness area and an outdoor pool; you can also arrange a private spa visit.

    We will enjoy a great dinner, haute cuisine, and enjoy the company one more night.

  • Today ends in Salzburg

    You are expected to book your hotel in Salzburg or elsewhere if you prefer to do so. We are happy to be of help; you can find hotels at www.booking.com

Our rates are based on one person, double occupancy of rooms.

Single supplement = 550,–

What is included:

  • 8 nights at hotels in Lindau, Immenstadt, Hopfen am See, Oberammergau, Schledorf, Tegernsee, Neubeuern, Teisendorf
  • Welcome meeting and dinner
  • dinner in Immenstadt
  • dinner in Schledorf
  • dinner at Tegernsee
  • farewell dinner in Teisendorf
  • lunch package on cycling days
  • lunch at Koenigssee (area)
  • Shuttle from Munich on the 1st of September
  • Shuttle to Salzburg on the 9th of September
  • All transfers by bus or van
  • Luggage brought from one hotel to the next
  • Pannier, helmet, water bottle

What is not included:

  • Bike rental: E-bike 260 euro
  • Drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Hotel on the 9th of September (in Salzburg)

Departures & pricing

GSep 1st 2024 €2955
G = Guaranteed departure