The Best Way to Travel

If you’re looking for an excellent place to ride your bicycle, there’s no better option than going on a bike cruise.

You’ll enjoy the scenery and meet new people while having an adventure.

Bike cruises are a fun way to travel around without spending too much money. They’re also a great way to get exercise and see some sights. A bike cruise usually lasts a week. During the trip, you’ll be able to stop at different points along the route to take pictures, visit museums, and eat delicious foods.

So many options! How to choose a great bike cruise?

There are multiple types of bike cruises or bike and barge experiences. First, it is about the ships:
In Europe, there are many small ships, usually called barges, that offer bike trips.

Bike and Barge is a common way to call these types of trips. Most of them are max 150 feet long. They offer cabins for max 25 to 50 guests.
River Cruise ships: many ships can sail on the European rivers with a max length of 450 feet. These cruise ships are offering bike tours to a part of their guests.

The most important advantage of the Bike and Barge cruise is that they offer bike cruises on rivers AND smaller waterways, giving them a wider variety of trips. These ships do not sail during the night, which enables you to go for a walk, explore the town, and have a quiet night on board.
But there is more: the group size is very good for getting to know like-minded people who love to cycle. Also, the service and the guides are only focussing and make you feel very welcome. The ships are cosy and offer surprisingly good food. We offer Bike and Barge cruises on our premium barge IRIS, our own ship, so fully our responsibility. Have a look at our calendar to see where we sail and bike: BikePlanet Tours Calendar
The most important advantage of the River Cruise ships is that they often offer more spacious cabins, a variety of choices of cabins and more amenities like a whirlpool, massage, outside pool, sauna and the like. These Bike Cruise ships sail during the night mainly and are more oriented toward the guests who are not cycling, which may be great if you like to cycle but your companion not that much. Here is one example of a River Cruise Guided Cycle Tour: on the Primadonna

Second: it is all about biking! Have a good look at what the tour offers exactly!

1. Guided or not guided? Give it serious thought because it should be exactly as you want it to be; read more about this here: Guided Biking

2. What Types of bikes, E-bikes are available?

3. The itinerary: length, difficulty, highlights on the route