Are you looking for a great holiday that is:

A. Fabulous

B. Has great reviews

C. is still available?

Here is the short cut to make it all come true!

We are able to offer you last minute bookings on our most popular bike&barge tours starting in July and August

WE OFFER A 50% REDUCTION ON ANY SECOND BOOKING. So: travelling with two, with a 25% discount!

Single bookers: regular price, for single use of a twin cabin, no surcharge.

This situation has never occurred in the last 10 years and will probably never happen again!

Let’s be honest, not all of you prefer to travel in the European summer holidays. There is this image of overcrowded places, annoying children and quarrelling adults. And party people that ruin your sleep.

We understand. But: you are not going to notice the difference in the regions we cycle, on the bike paths or while cruising! There is plenty of room there. And at night we are at our cosy barge, docked at great locations, enjoying the sunset and a glass of wine on the front deck. Dinners are great, the company is nice and you really get to know the regions.

And let’s not forgot to mention our beautiful bike rides. Fully guided, no worries, relax and enjoy the cycling!

We promise: you will be in the right place at the right time of the year.

What’s still available this year:

27th of July: Bike&Barge 3 Countries on MOSELLE RIVER: Cochem to Metz  5 cabins left today (6.27.2019)

3th of August: Bike&Barge 3 Countries on MOSELLE RIVER: Metz to Cochem  6 cabins left

10th of August: Bike&Barge MOSELLE-RHINE-MAIN RIVERS: Cochem to Aschaffenburg  2 cabins left

17th of August: Bike&Barge MAIN-RHINE-NECKAR Aschaffenburg to Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart  5 cabins left

NOT reduced, but still the last 2 rooms available:

Our bike&hotel tour Sankt Moritz to Riva del Garda!