Now available: Guided cycling and cruising on the Danube

  • Easy biking
  • ~25 mi/day
  • max. 30
  • 175 mi

Delighted to offer you a fully guided version of the famous Danube Bike Trail.  This tour visits no less than 4 countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The river cruise ship Primadonna sails during the night and lets us off to explore and cycle to the next destination. The scenery changes every day and the cycling is part following the Danube, part to the beautiful cities. Castles and beautiful villages and the great cities of Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna await us.

The ship we are on for our tour is an elegant and luxurious vessel. It’s a catamaran, all cabins have a river view and some even have a balcony. Or visit the front of the ship with a panoramic view. Jacuzzi and great dining await you! As we will be with our small group, we will be together for breakfast and dinner. During the day we will go with our own guide(s) and cycle. We invite you to be part of this new way of cruising and guided cycling!

The tour itself gives us the option to cycle on the most beautiful part of the Danube river, which stretches from the west of Germany and ends in the Black Sea! It’s a very popular bike path and for most Europeans one you must have been on once, at least! So we are excited about taking you there and show you its beauty.

On some departure dates, we offer an even longer option to cycle along the Danube: we will start in Regensburg and follow the river to Passau, on our bikes for 3 days. Enquire about the possibilities here.

On the May departure date, we will offer you a combination with a pre-tour in the Netherlands where we will cycle to and through the springtime highlights of the Netherlands: the tulip fields and gardens (Keukenhof), windmills and cheese-farm. In case you can’t choose between the Tulips and the Danube: why not take both tours!


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Day-to-day program

  1. Arrival at Passau, boarding the ship

    We are welcome on board at the end of the afternoon. We will check out the ship, our cabins and… Read more
  2. Starting on the Danube Bike Path, cycling 55 km

    Our bikes will be fitted at Schloegen and off we go! Our first ride is a special one right away:… Read more
  3. Tulln to Vienna 36 or 52 km

    The city of flowers, Tulln is a lovely town which offers the option to visit the Tulln Garden Exhibition first… Read more
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Departures & pricing

May 8th 2020 €1200
GSep 4th 2020 €1350 Fully booked
Sep 11th 2020 €1350
G = Guaranteed departure

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  1. cruise and bike on the danube

    Arrival at Passau, boarding the ship

    We are welcome on board at the end of the afternoon. We will check out the ship, our cabins and have our first dinner on board. Our guide(s) will welcome you and explain about what’s ahead, safe biking and other info about what’s to be expected in the upcoming days. The ship will start sailing while we are having dinner en cruise through the evening until arriving at Schloegen at midnight.

  2. guided bike tour on danube

    Starting on the Danube Bike Path, cycling 55 km

    Our bikes will be fitted at Schloegen and off we go! Our first ride is a special one right away: it’s a famous part of the Danube: the „Schlögener Schlinge“ which has been appointed a „Natural Wonder of Austria“ in 2008.
    This rarity, called epigenetic cross valley, was being generated when the Danube carved its way through the soft layers of the Tertiary and created its meander-formed river bed, in the hard granitic rock. Because of the elevation of the landmass later on, the Danube carved itself nearly 300m into the ground and thereby created the dell, which almost forms a full circle. We cycle to Linz in Austria

  3. bikeplanet tours guided cycling

    Tulln to Vienna 36 or 52 km

    The city of flowers, Tulln is a lovely town which offers the option to visit the Tulln Garden Exhibition first on our cycle trip to Vienna. On our way, we will have a lovely view on the outskirts of the Vienna Forest, a very important “green lung” for the area and therefore designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO – a designation for areas with a special cultural and natural landscape. We will visit the Klosterneuburg Monastery, which not only is known for its vineyards but also for its altar dating back to the 11th century. After our tour here, we will continue to cycle to Vienna and explore the city. After dinner, a bus will show us around once more in Vienna, famous for its classical music and operas, not only for the worldwide broadcasted NewYearsConcert. Maybe we can fit in a concert this evening. Ship sails at 23.00 to its next destination.

  4. guided cycle tour on Danube 2020

    Komarno to Esztergom , cycling 56 km

    Another country today: we are in Slovakia and close to Hungary already! Our cycle tour starts in Komárno, which was formed from part of a historical town in Hungary situated on both banks of the Danube. Following World War I and the Treaty of Trianon, the border of the newly created Czechoslovakia cut the historical, unified town in half, creating two new towns. The smaller part, based on the former suburb of Újszőny, is in Hungary. Komárno, in Slovakia, and Komárom are connected by the Elisabeth Bridge, which used to be a border crossing between Slovakia and Hungary until border checks were lifted due to the Schengen Area rules.

    Along the river, we cycle through little villages and hamlets to Esztergom. We cross the Gisela bridge here and board the ship on which we cruise through the famous Danube Bend and will sail into Budapest (Hungary) at the end of the evening. What a way to end this day!

  5. cycling through budapest danube

    Budapest - Margaretheninsel 22 km

    We start the morning with a bus tour to and through Budapest. And in the afternoon we can enjoy the 100% car-free bicycle road through the inner city and further on to the Margareteninsel, a lovely recreational area in the middle of Budapest, we will cycle about 8 km on this car-free island. And back to the ship, with a stop at the foot of the Castle Hill. And again, a sailing dinner out of this impressive town of Buda and Pest, divided by the Danube.

  6. cycle tour danube

    Bratislava, cycle tour to Devin 33 km

    While we are having breakfast the ship is approaching another great capital: Bratislava. We are back in Slovenia now, and start our day with a guided walking tour through Bratislava.

    Our cycle tour is going in the direction of Devin, a National Monument with great views. Onwards to the Castle of Hof, which is in Austria, and back to the ship in Bratislava


  7. guided cycling danube tour

    Krems to Poechlarn

    This part on the Danube Radweg is very beautiful. We are in Austria and will pass some vineyards, castles, monasteries and the like. This area is called Wachau, it’s on the Unesco World Heritage list. For good reason.

  8. guided cycling on the danube bike path passau

    Passau, end of tour

    The last night on board brings us back to Passau, where all the fun started. Passau itself is definitely worth to spend another day, but between 8.00 and 10.00 we need to disembark.

    Looking back on a lovely week of cruising and cycling on the prettiest river of all, the impressive Danube.


  • Our rivercruise ship the PRIMADONNA

    The PRIMADONNA is a beautiful fully updated river cruise ship. It can take up to 160 guests and has options on different levels of cabins and comfort. The standard cabins we offer as a price example offer two low beds and a small window. Like on the IRIS more or less. There are upgrades available to more spacious cabins on the Promenade and Upper Deck which offers cabins with a small balcony and wall to ceiling sliding doors.

  • Standard cabin

    The PRIMADONNA has 4 levels of cabins on offer. You can check the different prices at “what’s included and optional”.



  • Superior cabins on Upper and Promenade Deck

    Upgrades possible to Upper and Promenade Deck

  • Free Drinks?

    You can book a drink package which takes care of coffee, tea, beers and wines, Mosel Sekt and sodas. It’s 169 euro per person.

  • INDOOR Jacuzzi

    Every cabin gets a free Massage OR a free Hydro Jet treatment for 1 guest.

  • Outdoor Jacuzzi

    A nice way to spend some time on the ship at the sundeck

On this tour, offered by BikePlanet Tours on the PRIMADONNA, the following is included:

Welcome snack on arrival, welcome evening with the crew and free drink

7 Days of sailing, breakfast buffet (American style), lunch/packed lunch and 4-course dinners on PRIMADONNA

Afternoon tea/coffee on board including Kuchen (cakes!)

Daily midnight snack at the Panorama bar

1 free massage of 20 minutes OR 1 hydro jet massage of 15 minutes per cabin, for 1 guest.City

City tours in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava

1 Tour guide for 15 guests cycling with the guests + GPS dates and maps

Panniers, water bottle and helmets


The price mentioned at this tour page is a price for a Standard Cabin on the Main Deck, offering a window that can’t be opened on the lower part of the ship.

There are three other types of cabins: the Eco Cabin (at the back of the ship, with bunk beds) which is 1020 euro in May and 1170 euro in September, per person, on basis of a couple/share use. Engine noises to be expected. And two bigger type of cabins with balcony and floor to ceiling doors: the Promenade Deck and the Upper Deck. The Upper Deck is below the Promenade Deck and above the Main Deck.

Upgrades to Promenade Deck and Upper Deck: couple/share use, on the price for standard cabin:

Extra for Upper Deck: 430 euro per person in May, 400 euro in September

Extra for Promenade Deck: 530 per person in May, 500 euro in September

Single supplements on request! Please ask for our info sheet.

Single cabins are available in all categories of cabins, the lowest percentage on the standard cabins, please inquire for the exact price!


You are allowed to bring your own (regular or e-) bike to the ship.

Bike rent on the ship, to be ordered ahead:

Bike with 21 gears        72 euro for a week

E-bike                            160 euro for a week

Drinks on board (coffee/tea/mineral water/Moselsekt/open wines/beers) for 169 euro per person. Also possible to pay by the drink/bar bill.

Departures & pricing

May 8th 2020 €1200
GSep 4th 2020 €1350 Fully booked
Sep 11th 2020 €1350
G = Guaranteed departure