Now available: Guided cycling and cruising on the Danube

  • Easy biking
  • ~30 mi/day
  • max. 24
  • 180 mi

Finally! After many requests about cycling on the Danube River, we have found a good option to offer you a guided cycling tour. This tour visits no less then 5 countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slowakia and Serbia. The ship sails during the night and lets us off to explore and cycle to the next destination. The scenery changes every day and the cycling is part following the Danube, part to the beautiful cities and through National Parks. Castles and beautiful villages and the great cities of Budapest, Belgrad and Vienna await us.

The ship we are on for our tour is an elegant and luxurious vessel. It’s a catamaran, all cabins have river view and a balcony. Or visit the front of the ship with a panoramic view. Jacuzzi and great dining await you! As we will be with our small group, we will be together for breakfast and dinner. During the day we will go with our own guide(s) and cycle . Lenny invites you to be with her on this first tour on the Danube with BikePlanet Tours!


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Day-to-day program

  1. Arrival at Passau, cycling 20 km

    Our tour starts with a bike fitting and a first ride along another river first: the Inn in the direction… Read more
  2. Starting on the Danube Bike Path, cycling 56 km

    First we cycle to the ship, docked in Passau! We will have lunch on board and sail on to Schloegen… Read more
  3. Bratislava & Schloss Hof, cycling 33/48 km

    All of a sudden we are already in the next country: Slowakia, where we are able to start cycling after… Read more
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  1. guided cycle tour on Danube 2020

    Arrival at Passau, cycling 20 km

    Our tour starts with a bike fitting and a first ride along another river first: the Inn in the direction of Wernstein and  We will check in at a 3 star hotel in Passau. You might like to arrive a day earlier at this destination to adjust to the time schedule and enjoy the ride fully!

  2. guided bike tour on danube

    Starting on the Danube Bike Path, cycling 56 km

    First we cycle to the ship, docked in Passau! We will have lunch on board and sail on to Schloegen were we will start cycling after docking there. It’s a famous part of the Danube: the „Schlögener Schlinge“ which has been appointed a „Natural Wonder of Austria“ in 2008.
    This rarity, called epigenetic cross valley, was being generated when the Danube carved its way through the soft layers of the Tertiary and created its meander-formed river bed, which it had to retain on the hard granitic rock. Because of the elevation of the landmass later on, the Danube carved itself nearly 300m into the ground and thereby created the dell, which almost forms a full circle. We cycle to Linz in Austria

  3. Bratislava & Schloss Hof, cycling 33/48 km

    All of a sudden we are already in the next country: Slowakia, where we are able to start cycling after enjoying a morning of cruising. We cycle through Park Marchmuendung to the Castle of Hof and back to the ship near Bratislava.

  4. Budapest , cycling 18/48 km

    Today we can cycle through the lovely inner city including the Margareteninsel of Budapest on a 98% car free track, or you book the bus to take you to and through the city. Another option is to cycle along the Danube Bike Path up to Szentendre.


  5. Belgrad and Novi Sad, cycling 29 km

    Part of the day is cruising and enjoying the ship’s facilities. Did you have your hydrojet massage yet?

    After lunch we can start cycling to the Save Island and onwards to the Kalemegdan Fortress.

    The Kalemegdan Fortress is itself a museum, built from the 1st to the 18th century and besieged more than 100 times. The earliest remains of the fortifications date even back to the Celts! The ground on which it stands was a Roman Castrum, where a Roman legion protected the nearby harbour of the Roman Danube Imperial Fleet. Later it was rebuilt with a different purpose as a Byzantine castle, a medieval castle of Serbian Despots and – later on – as Austrian and Ottoman fortifications. The Kalemegdan fortress is divided into the Upper Town and the Lower Town.

    Our day ends with a 75 minute transfer by bus to the ship that has sailed to Novi Sad in the meantime. We will be back on board at around 9 pm

  6. Mohacs, cycling 45 km

    We pass the borders once more because we are outside of the European Union here. So no free traffic! We will cycle through a national park. The Duna-Dráva National Park was established along the Danube and Dráva rivers, covering an area of some 50.000 hectares. Water played the main role in the formation of its natural landscape. The two rivers and their water resulted in the development of a great variety of habitats, where a colourful ecosystem can be found. Almost the whole of the national park is located in an area, which was formerly a flood-plain.

  7. Sturovo to Komarno, cycling 56 km

    The great sailing through the Danube Bent will put us in a great mood for todays cycle tour. it’s off at Sturovo to cycle to Komarno, a lovely fortified village.Komárno was formed from part of a historical town in Hungary situated on both banks of the Danube. Following World War I and the Treaty of Trianon, the border of the newly created Czechoslovakia cut the historical, unified town in half, creating two new towns. The smaller part, based on the former suburb of Újszőny, is in Hungary. Komárno and Komárom are connected by the Elisabeth Bridge, which used to be a border crossing between Slovakia and Hungary until border checks were lifted due to the Schengen Area rules.

  8. Vienna

    Today we leave the ship in the morning. The tour is over, unless you decide to join us and stay at least one or two nights at Vienna, having time to explore this lovely city before we say goodbye to this really grand tour.




  • Our rivercruise ship the PRIMADONNA

    The PRIMADONNA is a beautiful fully updated rivercruise ship. It can take up to 160 guests, and has options on different levels of cabins and comfort. All twin/double cabins we have offer a private balcony!

  • Cabins

    The PRIMADONNA has 4 levels of cabins on offer. You can check the different prices at “what’s included and optional”.



  • Free Drinks?

    You can book a drink package which takes care of coffee, tea, beers and wines, Mosel Sekt and sodas. It’s 144 euro per person.

  • INDOOR Jacuzzi

    If you book a cabin on the Main Deck you have a free Massage and a free Hydrojetmassage for 1 guest.

  • Outdoor Jacuzzi

    A nice way to spend some time on the ship at the sundeck

  • the hotel in Vienna

    After leaving the cruiseship at Thursday morning, we can check in at this hotel in Vienna if you want to continue your trip. The hotel has 4 stars and is called Perschy Palais Hotel. It offers a historic setting in the historic old part of Vienna, close to many of the hightlights.

  • One of the rooms we pre-booked for you

    Double rooms for 150 euro per night, single rooms 130 euro per night

On this tour, offered by BikePlanet Tours on the PRIMADONNA, the following is included:

1 x Hotel night in Passau including dinner and breakfast

6 Days of Sailing, Lunch/Packed Lunch and Dinners on PRIMADONNA

1 free Massage of 20 minute per Main deck cabin (one guest)

1 Hydrojet Massage of 15 minutes per Main deck cabin (one guest)

Host Lenny and Tour guide + GPS dates and maps

Bustransfers on the tour and back from Vienna to Passau if needed

Regular bike with 21 gears

Panniers, waterbottle and helmets


Upgrade to Promenade Deck for 50 euro per person!

E-bike: for 100 euro per bike

Drinks on board (coffee/tea/mineral wather/Moselsekt/open wines/beers) for 144 euro per person

Single cabins are available in lower category of cabins starting from 1050 euro per guest, please enquire for exact price!

Extra nights in 4 star Pertschy Palais Hotel in the historic centre of Vienna! Double room for 150 euro per night including breakfast, single room for 130 euro per night including breakfast

Departures & pricing

G = Guaranteed departure