For every friend (referral) who books a *NEW TOUR with BikePlanet, you get an instant 10% off a NEW* tour! Apply it right away, share it with a friend, or use within a year. Spread the good word about BikePlanet and save on future trips


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  4. When we receive a booking, we always ask who referred them.
  5. We will notify you of your referral discount(s). All you have to do is pick your next *tour or get a discount on your current booking!
  6. The discount(s) are applied after a full, nonrefundable payment.

1. This offer is valid for every reservation on a Hotel Tour or a Combinational Tour of Hotel and Barge, but not in combination with other discounts like early bird and last minute discounts. The tours are:

2. Discounts are valid on the above-mentioned tours only and only on guaranteed departure dates.

3. You can collect unlimited discounts from referrals. It adds up! 10 referrals = free trip

4. If you do not use the discount(s) for your own reservation, share it with someone else. They must book one of the mentioned tours on this page to receive the discount.

5. After full payment, your referral discount will be applied.


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